(May 2014)

Paul Ganshert, Errin Schlapbach, Sean Pratt, and Bonnie Reichert (Ganshert Designers) were all landscape design consultation volunteers at the Olbrich Plant Sale this past May. Below is a letter from Olbrich thanking all plant sale volunteers.

Ganshert Design Staff

Design Station Pros at Annual Olbrich Plant Sale

Greetings Plant Sale Volunteers!

A late spring and perfect weather on the sale days…BOY did we have the recipe for success this year for the Plant with the Pros!!!

Volunteers helped arrange plant materials, set up plant signs, parking & traffic direction, made boxes, cashiered, gave plant advice, counted customers, sold memberships, greeted our Early Bird shoppers, checked in volunteers, and signed up customers for the Landscape Design consultations!!!

177 volunteers participated in the plant sale and logged over hours 1,265.75! WOW!!!!

The Plant Sale with the Pros is estimated to raise over $30,000 to help support the Gardens!!!

THANK YOU for all of your hard work!


Missy Jeanne
Special Events Manager

(April 2014)

From Orchard Ridge Nursery School

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for your donation to the 2014 Orchard Ridge Nursery School auction. Your gift of a 2-hour landscape consultation will make such a difference at our school. The money we make at our auction provides scholarships, equipment, and educational materials…and this year will provide for a new playground. As an extra thank you, we will be listing your name on our website at www.orns.org/friends.html. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!

Sincerely, ORNS Parent

(December 2013)

From Wisconsin Public Radio

Dear Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes,

THANK YOU.  I’m writing today to tell you how much we appreciate your business sponsorship of Wisconsin Public Radio. Your support of WPR this year has helped your community. And we trust it has also helped your business receive increased recognition among your current and potential customers! It’s a true win-win relationship that we’re so proud to be a part of…With your support, great things happen, and because of your generosity, Wisconsin Public Radio is an extraordinary resource for the entire state. For all your WPR sponsorship has made possible, we sincerely thank you.

Best regards,

Mike Crane, Director, Wisconsin Public Radio

(May 2013)

Orchard Ridge Nursery School

Dear Paul (Ganshert N&L)

Thank you so much for your donation to 2013 Orchard Ridge Nursery School silent auction. Your gift of a 2-hour landscape consultation will make such a difference at our school. The money we make at our auction provides scholarships, money for equipment, educational materials, and this year will help us with new windows, which are really needed.

Thanks again  for your thoughtfulness!


Orchard Ridge Nursery School

(February 2013)

John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club

Dear Paul (Ganshert N&L)

On behalf of the John Muir Chapter (of the Sierra Club), thank you for your generous donation to the Jonathan Ela Activist Fund. Your support will help us carry on Jonathan’s legacy by recruiting the next generation of Sierra Club members; electing conservation champions to public office; and supporting policies that protect Wisconsin’s natural resources. Together we’ll continue to make strides in the protection of Wisconsin’s air, water, and unique habitats.  Thanks Again!

Mary Maradik – Volunteer for John Muir Chapter of the Sierra Club

(November 2012)

Oregon Preschool Inc.   Oregon WI  53575

“Here are a couple of pictures of the bouncy house that Ganshert sponsored at our Carnival on November 3rd.  As always, it was the hit of the Carnival and the kids loved it!  Thanks to Ganshert N&L for your donation!

Your formal thank-you will be coming in the mail. Thanks!”

Jill Crowley, Fundraising Co-chair, Oregon Preschool Inc

Ganshert Sponsorship

Bounce House Sponsorship
2012 Oregon Preschool Fundraiser

(May 2012)
2012 Hammer with a Heart project. Below is the thank you letter from Hammer with a Heart recipient to NARI Association business volunteers. Also a thank you from the Project Home Wisconsin Outreach Specialist. Ganshert helped with landscape clean-up, pruning, etc. for the homeowner below.

Dear Volunteers and Sponsors,

I want you to know how grateful I am for all you’ve done to make my life more livable. You all went above and beyond to alter the quality of my life.  And you did it with such enthusiasm and compassion that it still has me astonished.

Because of you, I am once again hopeful for the future, smiling every day, knowing that each day I get closer to having a home that works for me instead of against me. I have always loved my home and known that I want to live here for the rest of my life, and now I truly believe I can.

Just simply being able to roll directly up to a sink to wash my face, instead of pulling up sideways, filling the basin, and leaning over as much as I can in order to reach the water, is an authentic miracle for me. Just imagine knowing that washing your face and brushing your teeth would take enough out of you that you’d have to lay down for an hour to rest.

I have a porch that I can safely sit on, and those of you who worked on the landscaping have given me wonderful access to the outdoors that has been missing in my life for so long. My doctor actually told me I had to get a minimum of 10 minutes of sunlight each day to help my vitamin D levels. I can do that now, and enjoy the beauty of what you’ve created.

These two examples may seem like small and insignificant changes, but to me they are life altering miracles.  And the changes you made and the gifts you gave are so numerous I can’t even count them.

Of course, the greatest gifts you gave me were your kindness, humanity and compassion.

May the universe return them to you endlessly.

Love and great thanks.
ZMG (homeowner)

(May 2012)

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for your critical involvement with Hammer with a Hear this year! Than you for your talents, materials, and sponsorships in helping make Hammer such a tremendous success. …many of you have been involved with Hammer for years and years, and that dedication truly makes the impact greater and the program better. ..

Please know that your kindness has touched many. ”

Fondly, Susan Buzby, Outreach Specialist, Project Home Wisconsin

(February 2012)

Orchard Ridge Nursery School

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for your donation to the 2012 Orchard Ridge Nursery School Auction. Your gift of a Landscape Consult will make such a difference at our school. The money we make at our auction provides scholarships, money for equipment, and educational materials, and this year will help us with a new flooring project that is very needed. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness!

Sincerely,    Anne Hutton, ORNS Parent

November 2011

Oregon Preschool, Inc.  Oregon WI  53575

Dear Paul and Sharon,

Thank you very much for your donation of $75 to Oregon Preschool, Inc.

The carnival was held on Saturday, November 12 and it was a great success. It is our biggest fundraiser of the year and your help was definitely appreciated. We had a great turnout and much of the community was able to come and support the school.

Thanks again for your contribution.

DeAnn Christiansen, Chairperson, Oregon Preschool Inc.

October 2011
A thank you letter from Oregon High School reads:

On behalf of the administration, staff and students at Oregon High School, I would like to express a sincere thank you for your support and contribution to our 2011 Homecoming. The success of an annual event such as this is dependent on businesses such as yours. I would also like to express my personal gratitude and appreciation.


Ms. Lynn M. Buyarski, Oregon High School Homecoming Chairperson

September 2011

Thank you from Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Paul, thank you for your time and energy on our Plan Sale Ad Hoc Committee. Your experience, knowledge & ideas are much appreciated. We are encouraged that the plant sale will improve next year, and excited that we could introduce a new event in 3013. I hope you will join us as we develop our new event in 3012.     Connie, Olbrich Botanical Gardens

July 2011

Fitchburg Public Library Preview Gala and Silent Auction

Ganshert’s N&L received a thank you for your support letter from Marykay Zimbrick, Co-chair of the Capital Fundraising Campaign for the new Fitchburg Public Library. Ganshert donated a free 1-hour consultation with a registered landscape architect and also $150 worth of mulch and delivery for the bidding at the silent auction on June 25th. The doors are open, but they are still looking to raise about $600,000 to meet their campaign goal of $4 million. Check out the new library when you can.  As Marykay said in the letter, “thank you for helping to create a place where our city connects.”

Spring 2011

Thanks to you and Phil for spending time with us yesterday to lead our landscaping & land-use “brain storming” session. It was a terrific way to kick loose the cobwebs and start to look at our place in a whole new way! I appreciate your help and look forward to working with you in the coming season. With thanks. Kathe Crowley Conn, President & Executive Director, Aldo Leopold Nature Center


August 2010

Developing the School Forest at Franklin Elementary School was 2010 WCLA Annual Civic Project :lol:

Franklin School Appreciation Assembly Video Clip

On Saturday, August 7, 2010 Wisconsin Landscape Contractor Association (WLCA) members gathered with Bobcats, shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, and plants to beautify the landscape surrounding Franklin Elementary School in Madison. Jim & Dee Keleny (Jim is a WLCA memeber and Dee works at the school) and  Paul Ganshert, President of the WLCA Madison Chapter, and were instrumental in choosing this year’s civic project and managing the project’s design and installation. Along with Ganshert’s and Keleny’s Top Soil, other WLCA members who devoted time, labor, and materials to bring the long-awaited school forest to reality were: Midwest Decorative Stone, Messner Landscape, Watts Landscape, Blair Lawn & Landscape, and Boley Tree & Landscape.







August 2010

New Garden to Memorialize Madison Police

Ganshert N&L, along with many WLCA members and other local businesses assisted in the landscaping of the Madison Police Department’s shiny new earth-bunkered building on the far East Side off Cottage Grove Road. Link to video below to hear more about this community project to  memorialize Madison police killed in the line of duty.


Lindbergh Elementary School

Here’s a nice appreciation acknowledgment from their principal.

“Through Ganshert’s generous contributions of plants, materials, labor and design work, the front yard at Lindbergh now welcomes students, staff, families, and visitors to the school…Lindbergh could never have been able to afford to enhance our campus. Our new look is a source of pride for our whole community.”    Mary Hyde, Principal, Lindbergh Elementary School


2009 Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) Annual Civic Project

Ganshert N&L has assisted in projects at several schools and facilities in the Madison area. In addition, Paul is active in WLCA and industry-related associations. He also serves as a Board Member of NARI’s Madison Chapter.

Each year Ganshert staff plays a major role in the design and installation of the annual Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association (WLCA) community project. Below is the Thank You letter to WLCA from West Middleton PTO:

October 29, 2009

West Middleton Elementary School

Mr. Paul Ganshert, President WLCA

Dear Paul,

West Middleton’s playground renovation has been completed this past summer due to some very dedicated individuals from WM and local landscapers.

West Middleton was chosen for WLCA’s Civic Project in 2009 to aid in the addition of natural and educational environment for the students of WM. With the help of WLCA and the success of the WM PTO Golf For Giggles Fundraisers in 2008 & 2009 we were able to provide over $32,000 in playground renovations with $22,000 funded by the PTO and WLCA matching $11,000.

The playground now hosts a new outdoor classroom, beautiful butterfly garden, natural paths, and a labyrinth/maze. This year’s addition also included a curvy hill slide, saddle spinner (spinning chair), and a four-person teeter-totter.

Thank you to WLCA for contributing to make WM the best that it can be. Please remember their dedication when you choose your next landscaper!

Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association Participating Members:
Paul Ganshert – Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes LLC
Scott Gear – Gear Landscape
Reed Messner – Messner Landscapes
Pat Blair – Blair Landscape
Paul Roessler – Rain Now, INC
Tracy Moorland – Moorland Resources
Deb Pauls – Midwest Decorative Stone
Joe Hanauer – Landscape Architecture
Jim Keleny – Keleny Topsoil
Dave Watts – Watts Landscaping
Joe Churchill – Winfield Solutions
Kenny Massey – Massey’s LLP
Craig Kittleson – Kittleson Landscape
Deb Hyde – Rochester Concrete Products
Jayme Anderson – Madison Block & Stone
Tim Gagnon – Frontier FS Cooperative
Becky Kielstrup – Bruce Company

Thank you – WM PTO
West Middleton Elementary School


Spring 2009
Project Evergreen

Lake View Hill Neighborhood, Madison, WI – This past Spring, Ganshert Nursery & Landscapes LLC, 5284 E Lacy Road in Fitchburg, participated in “GreenCare for Troops” Program helping out a Lake View Hill neighborhood military family with their yard cleanup, pruning, edging, and plantings. GreenCare is a nationwide outreach program initiated by Project EverGreen that connects participating local lawn and landscape firms with families of the men and women in the armed forces serving our country overseas. Click on the hyperlink below to see the project writeup and photos published in the Wisconsin Green Industry Federation newsletter.

WGIF_Project Evergreen_Article_Summer 2009

In addition to the most recent community involvement projects above, here is a list of schools, sponsorships, and projects Ganshert N&L has been involved with over the years:

Lindbergh Elementary School – Donated the design, labor, and landscaping materials for front entrance
Netherwood Knoll Elementary School – Donated time and material to the school’s Arboretum providing landscaping, developing the classroom area, and building a trail. In years prior, Ganshert provided drainage correction that involved swale construction and regrading of the arboretum area correcting on-going water problems.
Franklin Elementary School – WLCA Project – Developing School Forest
Oregon Middle School
Shorewood Elementary School
West Middleton Elementary School – See above October 29, 2009 thank you letter.
Wisconsin Public Radio Sponsorship
Wisconsin Public TV Sponsorship
Madison Symphony Orchestra  Sponsorship

Other Non-Profit Organizations Where Ganshert Has Provided Assistance:

NARI Project Home – Hammer with a Heart
American Cancer Society, Madison – Design and planting installation
Hospice Center in Fitchburg – Annual Brick Install
Aaron’s House, Madison – Landscape installation
Annual Olbrich Botanical Garden plant sale
Annual Olbrich neighborhood garden tour
NAMI Wisconsin, Madison (Community Health Charities of Wisconsin) – Provided landscaping and clean up
Atwood Community Center
Madison Soap Box Derby
Oregon Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
Ronald McDonald House, Madison WI – Provided design and landscape installation
Kei Mouth, South Africa – Assisted fellow WLCA Madison Chapter members in creating a community/school garden in 2007 and school playground on the Eastern Cape in 2006.

Ganshert Seminars & Presentations:

WPT’s Garden Expo
Madison NARI Remodeling Show
The East Side Elks Club
Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison
Rotary Gardens in Janesville

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