In serving the Madison Area for over 60 years, we have fine-tuned the service we provide to our customers from the initial phone call to our final clean-up. We listen more than we talk. Whether we are designing a unique planting bed, building a custom deck or a curvilinear brick patio, or handpicking stone for a flagstone path, we pride ourselves in paying particular attention to detail.

Client Meetings & Site Assessment

When meeting on site with our clients, we identify factors that are specific to the particular space such as microclimates that may be present, “borrowed views” of neighboring areas, and architectural features of the house and near-by buildings.

When planning landscape modifications to a property, some of the many factors we consider are the topography; the sunlight as it changes throughout the seasons; drainage; soil composition; integrating existing mature plants into the overall plan; and, of course, our clients’ objectives.

What makes a good design?  

Landscaping is as much about good design as it is about good material, both living and non-living. In addition to the above critical design ingredients, we create stunning effects by utilizing both native and exotic plants. For hard surfaces, we use the finest materials such as cedar, native flagstone and limestone, and the latest technology in brick pavers (including permeable paver driveways) and segmental retaining walls.

Our Goal

Our goal at Ganshert’s is to keep you happy. We know satisfied customers are the key to any successful business. With each satisfied customer, we enhance our reputation for professionalism, dependability, service, and creativity. We want to make sure YOU are pleased with your landscaping project!  See client Mix Testimonial letter referring to Ganshert’s designers providing attention to detail.

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